Our Story

It is a long established fact that a reade.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum underlines academic and
technical distinctions. It is tailored to positively mend the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of our clients – most especially

In addition to that, as far as our English language program is
concerned, we follow curricular designed by international educational
bodies like ETS from the USA, and CIE and JPIE from the UK (though with
few amendments for flexibility and context-focus). More so, language
pedagogy is carefully integrated with modern technology.

Our Philosophy & Belief

We believe that modern education system is
incomplete without integrating literacy in international languages like
English with modern technologies.

We believe in the integration of language, science and technology as means of socio-economic advancement.

We believe in qualitative pedagogical and
technical service as the best means to create harmonious and productive
relationship in modern socio-cultural and economic system.

We believe in youth empowerment via modern educational advancement and skill acquisition.

We believe in nation building through
government/NGO’s and entrepreneur’s huge investment more in the area of
modern skill acquisition and mastery of international languages.

Meet Our Team

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Teacher Faiza

Language Intructor

Abubakr Eazy

Office Manager

Suhaib Ismail