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New Uploaded Courses

New Uploaded Courses

About Us

About Us

Our curriculum underlines academic and technical distinctions. It is tailored to positively mend the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of our clients – most especially students.

In addition to that, as far as our English
language program is concerned, we follow curricular designed by
international educational bodies like ETS from the USA, and CIE and JPIE from the UK (though with few amendments for flexibility and
context-focus). More so, language pedagogy is carefully integrated with modern technology.

Our curricular and services accentuate socio-economic values of the Somaliland populace.

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World Class Standard Courses

Our courses are geared to making our training participants more productive and highly skilled.

Quality Delivery

Our main strength is in ensuring high-quality delivery and followup!

Updated Study Curicullum

We follow the official curriculum and guarantee superb training materials that are developed by professionals.

Expert instructors

Our staff are local and international experts from countries like Nigeria, Gambia, Uganda, and Pakistan.